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07. 06. 17
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Educational programming at our 2017 Annual Meeting will include:


Once again, the association will be the benefactor of the an effective roundtable session with knowledgeable NACARA from various states. The representatives from a cross-section of government regulatory agencies will address current issues, answer your specific questions about state audits and the detailed regulations which you need to know!
North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association state regulators


An eye-opening course which will address federal and state laws which control the employer-employee relationship will be offered and useful for all attendees. Learn good habits that can minimize liability. Hear the most effective documents to have in place, including the most useful policies and employee handbooks. We’ll take a look at what defines an employee as opposed to an independent contractor and common misperceptions. We’ll delve deeper into exempt and non-exempt employee status, as well as the executive exemption and compensable and non-compensable travel rules.
Harry J. Secaras | Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.


An enlightening panel discussion by two top-level credit practitioners who will share the critical aspects of the creditor/third party collection agency relationship. Benefit from their years of experience of outsourcing receivables by hearing the most effective methods of communicating with the credit analyst, manager and director at your client.
Matt Skudera, Vice President of Credit Research Foundation and Brad Boe, Director of Credit, Performance Food Group Inc.



We are SO lucky to have another group of seasoned credit practitioners who will discuss the evaluation of a collection source from the first impression, to the ease of working with the agency and the performance metrics by which the agency is evaluated.
Frank Sebastian, Director of Credit, SLD adidas and Denise Reyes, Senior Credit Manager, Acushnet Company


A Guide to Effectively Handling Extraordinary (But Increasingly Common) Business Problems 

In the "old days," creditors and debt collectors were the plaintiffs trying to collect sums that debtors could not or would not pay. For years now, however, creditors and debt collectors have increasingly begun to encounter their own financial problems and, at least in part, are being sued for their attempts to collect from debtors. This role reversal is not fun, as creditors and debt collectors need to protect themselves not only from the “other side” but often from a party supposedly on their side.

Join us for a discussion, a checklist of items to consider and options you may have if you find yourself financially deteriorating or are the subject of lawsuit—especially the growing number of class action lawsuits. Protect your principals and employees. Make the lawyer a happy man or woman which should, in turn, reduce your attorneys' fees when you seek legal advice.
Barbara Barron, Barron & Newburger, P.C, Stephen Sather, Shareholder, Barron & Newburger, P.C. and Mitchell Williamson, Of Counsel, Barron & Newburger, P.C.



Many believe that state laws and regulations don’t impact commercial collections. For a frank discussion, we will be joined by commercial litigator, Richard J. Perr, who defends creditors, agencies and data furnishers nationwide for alleged violations of federal and state consumer protection laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Perr, who also is ACA President, will warn members of the pitfalls in commercial collection activity as well as the role that government regulators may have in impacting an agency’s ability to function with efficiency.
Richard J. Perr, Esquire, Fineman Krekstein & Harris, PC, ACA President



Members of the triadic system examine questions and case studies which occur in day-to-day operations in an agency, a law firm and a law list publishing company. Attend this hybrid education and networking session not only to take ideas and solutions back to your office, but to meet EVERY colleague in the room! If there is a topic or case study you would like to see in this session, please submit it to


Question and Answer Session

Don’t miss our famous open, collegial discussion on Saturday morning which has been touted as the best in the industry! We’ve tackled Business Growth, Cutting-Edge Technologies for your office, Effective Communication between Generations, Ideas to Attract a Millennials Workforce, Social Media Policies etc. We’ll have more, but ALWAYS invite your suggestions for relevant topics!