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Cyber Security: Protect Your Information Like a Hollywood Bodyguard!

Cybersecurity Awareness-Avoid “WarGames”

Learn about the latest social engineering techniques cybercriminals are using against collection agencies such as vishing, phishing, spear phishing, CEO wire fraud, pretexting, baiting, quid pro quo, tailgating, diversion theft, water holing, etc.  In addition, we will cover other types of cyber-attacks like malware, password attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, drive-by downloads, malvertising, and rogue software. We will discuss 10 things your collection agency can do to protect itself against these threats.  Attend this session to avoid WarGames!

Speaker:  Marco Alcala, CEO Alcala Consulting Inc 


BOLOs for Collection Agencies and How the Attorney Partners Can Help

What to “Be on the Look Out” for in your clients’ documentation will be addressed in this in depth, informative session.  Identify “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” of credit applications and problematic contractual clauses, such as jurisdictional and statute of limitation issues.   Join a discussion of how attorneys can help collection agencies improve their clients’ agreements to maximize the collection of receivables.

Speaker:  Peter Ramsey Helt, Baylinson, Kudysh, Greenberg & Helt LLC


Do The Right Thing!

The NACARA (North America Collection Agency  Regulatory Association) state regulators are joined by licensing expert, Terri Goins to share with agencies and attorneys how to improve internal operations to comply with changing state laws.  The license application process will be made easy with the best practices these experts have to offer.  A regulator examination should not be seen as “Armageddon”…learn the steps to put in place for a successful outcome by participating in this small group session, which allows for effective interaction between the meeting attendee and the licensing expert and regulator.  Our format maximizes the time for individual questions and a discussion of tailored recommendations.  

Jillian Laine, ID Dept of Finance
Steven McElwain, Dept of Financial Institutions-Arizona
Terri Goins, Licensing Expert
Elizabeth Benotti, MA Department of Banking and North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association (NACARA) President
Manuel F. Newburger, Barron & Newburger and Independent Standards Board Chairman


What is YOUR Racket?

Conflict Resolution and Effective Communication

Rackets are impediments to relationships.  How do rackets interfere with relationships and team functionality?  What can you do to recognize rackets that are affecting you and your team?  What can you then do to make sure that they no longer get in the way?  It's closer than you think!

Speaker:  Steven C. Isberg, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Finance, Robert G. Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore and Senior Fellow at the Credit Research Foundation