Education Sessions

10. 23. 18
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Compensation Panel-this panel will offer insight on salary compensation packages, as well as bonus/commission structures of collector and sales staff

Obstacles in Collections and the Bridges to Overcome Them-an effective roundtable discussion to aid attendees in challenges faced in today’s collection climate

Young Professionals in Collections (YPIC)-roundtable session which will explain New Technologies for the Collection Industry (open to all)

Evolving Trends in the Collection Industry-in 2020, what is the state of commercial collections; where is the industry going? How can we adapt to the changing landscape?

Forwarders and Receivers-Case studies of accounts forwarded by commercial collection agencies and handled by creditors’ rights attorneys

Questions & Answers on Licensing- The Association’s Strategic Partner, Terri Goins, Licensing Expert, will give us up-to-date information on state requirements. 

Plus….Attend the first session about CCPA-California’ new privacy law featuring attorney experts and creditors.