Spring Meeting 2019

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07. 26. 18
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It’s a wrap! Another successful semi-annual meeting in the books! Thank you to our Board, our members, speakers, sponsors and vendors! NOLA 2019-one to remember!

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Commercial Collection Agencies of America’s semi-annual conference in New Orleans began with productive meetings, a tribute to our Young Professionals in Collections (YPIC) and a warm and collegial Welcome Dinner.

The conference was filled with stellar, advanced education presented by respected industry professionals including Terri Goins, Kris Citera, Bob Anderson and Manny Newburger. State regulators from 4 states, along with NMLS shared their recommendations for a seamless licensing experience and preparation for audits! Small group discussion format facilitates these topics effectively. And kudos to the panel representing the Young Professionals in Collections (YPIC), the new initiative of Commercial Collection Agencies of America. Dan Kerrick, Ashley Terran, Amy Blowers and Dara Welch presented an excellent session on Branding.

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