Humberto E. Matz, Vice-President

General Manager, Creditors Adjustment Bureau

HumbertoMatzHeadshotHumberto earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Northridge, in 1986.  In 1986, as a “summer job”, he took a collector position at LC Financial in order to learn the art of negotiation.  Promoted to the role of Account Manager in 1988, he directed the handling of debtor accounts along the east coast region, which involved communicating with clients and forwarding attorneys, as well as taking over the training of the collector staff.  In 1996, he assumed the role of General Manager, overseeing the daily operations of LC Financial.

In 2004, LC Financial was purchased by Creditors Adjustment Bureau.  Humberto oversaw the integration of LC Financial operations with those of Creditors Adjustment Bureau.  Today, Humberto continues in his “summer job” as the General Manager of Creditors Adjustment Bureau, overseeing the operations of the collection, sales, administrative, and legal departments.

Creditors Adjustment Bureau is a premier commercial collection agency with an in-house law firm of 5 collection attorneys and a full staff of paralegals and legal secretaries.