Standards Board


Standards Board Members

Commercial Collection Agency Background   Gary Lewis   Furst and Furst
Commercial Collection Agency Background   Jon Lunn   ABC-Amega Inc.
Commercial Collection Attorney   Manny Newburger   Barron & Newburger
Commercial Collection Attorney   Robert Morris   Morris & Adelman
Commercial Collection Attorney   Christine Hickey   Ruben & Levin
ALLP Representative   Don Scott   Wright-Holmes Law List
Credit Management   Karren Salter   Yamaha (Retired)
Credit Management   Virginia Soderman   V. Soderman Consulting LLC
CRF Representative   William Balduino   CRF
Accounting Firm Representative   Ron Zilka   Baune Dosen
Business Consulting and Compliance Rep   Alan Rosen   BDO Consulting
Past CCAA Executive Director   Emil Hartleb   EAH Consulting

Non-voting Board Resource Members

Executive Director   Annette Waggoner   Commercial Collection Agencies of America
President   Meg Scotty   Brennan & Clark, Ltd
Vice-President   Bruce Godwin   Williams, Babbit & Weisman
Treasurer   Fred Wasserspring   Lyon Collection Services, Inc.
Resource Member   George Bresler   GB Collects LLC
Resource Member   David Herer   ABC Amega Inc.
Resource Member   Pete Roth   CST Company
Resource Member   Nancy Seiverd   CMI Credit Mediators