Independent Standards Board

The Independent Standards Board of Commercial Collection Agencies of America, Inc. promulgates the criteria setting forth the requirements for an agency to become a certified member and to maintain a certified status on an annual basis.  A special committee is utilized to review, approve and implement the Standards Board certification process to agency applicants. This method is more stringent than of any current or previous processes used by certifying bodies.  The result is a Certificate of Compliance and Accreditation.  The Standards Board is comprised of members of all facets of the accounts receivable management arena. 

Standards Board Members

Chair, Commercial Collection Attorney   Christine Hickey   Rubin & Levin
Vice Chair, CRF Representative   Matthew Skudera   Credit Research Foundation
Commercial Collection Agency Experience   Jon Lunn   Collection Consultant
Commercial Collection Agency Experience   Meg Scotty   Brennan & Clark, Ltd.
Commercial Collection Agency Experience   Robert Gerstel   AG Adjustments Ltd.
Creditors’ Rights/Collections Attorney   Robert Morris   Morris & Adelman
Creditors’ Rights/Collections Attorney   Jeff Rubin   Talianoff Rubin & Rubin
ALLP Member   Charles Sonnhalter   The General Bar
Credit Management   Kurt Albright   Uline, Inc.
Public Accounting Representative   Michael Pinna   Buchbinder Tunick & Company
Immediate Past Chair   Manny Newburger   Barron & Newburger
Past President of CCA of A   Bruce Godwin   Williams Babbit & Weisman