08. 29. 19


In late 2018, Commercial Collection Agencies of America formed a group aptly named YPIC-Young Professionals in Collections. This talented group of collection agency representatives, creditors' rights attorneys and law list publishers represented not only the respected triadic system of our industry, but the younger generation who have chosen the collection field as their career.

Recently, the Association surveyed its young professionals on a myriad of topics-from their educational background to their five (5) benefits or perks they look for while job searching. The YPICs shared main reasons for staying at their current employers, while also opining on what is beneficial in their professional development. The survey shed light on a number of different planes.

The YPIC group collaborates on a regular basis and is looking forward to presenting an educational session at the Association's annual meeting in Delray Beach in October. In March 2019, the YPIC presented its inaugural education session at the Association's semi-annual meeting. Three panelists and a moderator enlightened the conference attendees (of all ages) how to network and sell oneself, while building a brand, with specific emphasis on the credit and collection industry.

The Association is looking forward to the continued involvement of the talented group!

For a copy of the YPIC survey results, please contact Executive Director, Annette M. Waggoner at awaggoner@commercialcollectionagenciesofamerica.com.

07. 08. 19

megscottyCommercial Collection Agencies of America is proud to announce the appointment of Ms. Meg Scotty to its independent Standards Board effective immediately. 

Scotty was instrumental in forming Commercial Collection Agencies of America in 2014 and served as its President from 2014-2018.

Scotty was unanimously approved by the Standards Board.   Manny Newburger of Barron & Newburger, P.C. and Standards Board Chair, noted, “I have had the privilege of working with Meg Scotty on industry issues for many years. Her wealth of knowledge and experience will be a tremendous asset to the Board.”

Bill Balduino, Standards Board Vice Chair and President of Credit Research Foundation, added, “As an Association, Commercial Collection Agencies of America is fortunate to be supported by some very incredible and highly knowledgeable resources.  I don’t believe there to be any more proficient than our past president – welcome to and happy to have you on the Standards Board.”

The esteemed Standards Board is charged with the creation, review and amendment of certification requirements which are met by each member agency to earn Commercial Collection Agencies of America’s Certificate of Accreditation and Compliance. 

Over the years, Scotty has gone from consulting to working for, and eventually purchasing the commercial collection agency, Brennan & Clark.  She has created a fun, focused, and purposeful organization.  She uses her creativity and passion for improving the status quo in just about everything to which she puts her attention. 

Along the way, her passion for the industry led her to be involved in the Commercial Collection Agency Association as a Board member and later she became Chair.  She then championed creating the Commercial Collection Agencies of America, where she was President, and now Past President.

When asked about her appointment, Scotty commented, “I am honored to join the Standards Board of Commercial Collection Agencies of America and look forward to working with this Board.”

“Meg has been a driving force to establish an Association which ensures that the credit industry is protected, and the collection industry is elevated.  Her dedication is admirable.  She will be an excellent addition to her peer group of esteemed Standards Board colleagues,” noted Annette M. Waggoner, Executive Director of Commercial Collection Agencies of America.

The Standards Board meets periodically and will have its next in-person meeting at the organization’s annual conference of agency members, affiliate members and guests in Delray Beach, Florida October 24-26, 2019.