Commercial Collection Training Institute Established

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11. 12. 15
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Commercial Collection Agencies of America announced today the opening of the Commercial Collection Training Institute-their online education platform for members’ collectors to obtain individual collector certification.

certificatekeyAgencies yearn for a qualified individual collector certification program which offers a course curriculum to suitably train a collector to understand the concepts of the debt collection industry, the practices, the parties and how they interact for the benefit of the credit grantor.

“Qualified educational courses are another representation of the mission of Commercial Collection Agencies of America to elevate the standards in our industry.  We are fortunate to offer this ground-breaking program led by fifteen (15) knowledgeable, credit and collection professionals, to instruct our collectors,” commented Annette M. Waggoner, Executive Director.

“The Independent Standards Board has promulgated that at least one collector of an agency who is a member of Commercial Collection Agencies of America also becomes individually certified and the training at the Institute will satisfy that rigorous requirement,” commented Meg Scotty, President of Commercial Collection Agencies of America.  She furthered, “We expect that many of our members will have the majority of their collectors certified by the Institute.” 

The modules offered at the Commercial Collection Training Institute are created with the same grade of excellence that the in-person training at the organization’s meetings are designed.  Commercial Collection Agencies of America recognizes and stresses the benefit of continuing education to better serve and protect the credit granting community.     “The programs offered for entry level personnel will train the new collector extensively to ensure that he/she understands the industry in which he/she has joined.   The higher-level, advanced topics are geared towards the seasoned industry professional and will fine tune their skillsets,” continued Waggoner.   Stellar collector certification fits with the persona of Commercial Collection Agencies of America, which is founded on four pillars: experience, expertise, ethics and education.

Commercial Collection Agencies of America is the ONLY certifying body in which ALL agencies are certified.  Some member agencies have been certified for over forty-four (44) years. Now, all of those members will also have individually certified collectors on staff as well, further cementing the importance of high standards and professional conduct within the industry.