03. 29. 16

Commercial Collection Agencies of America is proud to announce the appointment of Ms. Virginia Soderman to its independent Standards Board effective immediately.

Soderman was recently approved by her Standards Board peers. “We are grateful that Virginia has joined the Board, which consists of accomplished business professionals who represent all facets of the accounts receivable management arena.  Board members include collection agency owners, creditors’ rights attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, business consultants, controllers, certified public accountants, credit managers, industry trade group officers and chief financial officers,” commented Meg Scotty, President of Commercial Collection Agencies of America.

The esteemed Independent Standards Board is charged with the creation, review and amendment of certification requirements which are met by each member agency to earn and maintain Commercial Collection Agencies of America’s Certificate of Accreditation and Compliance.  The Board has created a superior certification program, making it the platinum standard in the industry and recognized by credit grantors worldwide.

Soderman, President of V. Soderman Consulting LLC, currently is an adviser to the credit profession, working with companies to improve their accounts receivable portfolio performance.  As a corporate credit professional for domestic and international consumer product companies, Soderman has a unique insight into supply chain requirements and efficiencies.  She is also a Vice President at KYR Financial Services LLC.  Soderman has served on the Board of Trustee of the Credit Research Foundation and the Advisory Board for the National Food Service Manufacturers Credit Association.  In addition, her experience includes serving as a past board member of the Southern California affiliate of NACM-CMA and currently, she is a member of the Remittance Coalition Committee for the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

When asked about serving on the Board, Soderman stated, “Commercial credit professionals are tasked with ensuring the integrity of their company’s receivables portfolio.  Managing such responsibility requires a full network of professionals in multiple disciplines.  The support of a collection agency which practices to the highest standard possible is a necessary and valuable resource for the credit professional to meet the goal.  The work of Commercial Collection Agencies of America provides the foundation for that resource.  As such, the value to the profession is critical to the successful commercial credit operation.”

“As a credit professional, Virginia brings a wealth of experience and an essential skillset to the Board," noted Annette M. Waggoner, Executive Director of Commercial Collection Agencies of America.  "We are confident that Virginia’s expertise will benefit the Board’s task, as well as assist in a key mission of the organization:  upholding the professionalism in the commercial collection industry.”

The Independent Standards Board of Commercial Collection Agencies of America meets periodically throughout the year and will have its next meeting this spring.

11. 12. 15

Commercial Collection Agencies of America announced today the opening of the Commercial Collection Training Institute-their online education platform for members’ collectors to obtain individual collector certification.

certificatekeyAgencies yearn for a qualified individual collector certification program which offers a course curriculum to suitably train a collector to understand the concepts of the debt collection industry, the practices, the parties and how they interact for the benefit of the credit grantor.

“Qualified educational courses are another representation of the mission of Commercial Collection Agencies of America to elevate the standards in our industry.  We are fortunate to offer this ground-breaking program led by fifteen (15) knowledgeable, credit and collection professionals, to instruct our collectors,” commented Annette M. Waggoner, Executive Director.

“The Independent Standards Board has promulgated that at least one collector of an agency who is a member of Commercial Collection Agencies of America also becomes individually certified and the training at the Institute will satisfy that rigorous requirement,” commented Meg Scotty, President of Commercial Collection Agencies of America.  She furthered, “We expect that many of our members will have the majority of their collectors certified by the Institute.” 

The modules offered at the Commercial Collection Training Institute are created with the same grade of excellence that the in-person training at the organization’s meetings are designed.  Commercial Collection Agencies of America recognizes and stresses the benefit of continuing education to better serve and protect the credit granting community.     “The programs offered for entry level personnel will train the new collector extensively to ensure that he/she understands the industry in which he/she has joined.   The higher-level, advanced topics are geared towards the seasoned industry professional and will fine tune their skillsets,” continued Waggoner.   Stellar collector certification fits with the persona of Commercial Collection Agencies of America, which is founded on four pillars: experience, expertise, ethics and education.

Commercial Collection Agencies of America is the ONLY certifying body in which ALL agencies are certified.  Some member agencies have been certified for over forty-four (44) years. Now, all of those members will also have individually certified collectors on staff as well, further cementing the importance of high standards and professional conduct within the industry. 

11. 10. 15

A record number of members of Commercial Collection Agencies of America met in Delray Beach for the Fall Conference of the organization. Commercial collection agency representatives, creditors' rights attorneys and law list publishers gathered for a meeting packed with advanced educational sessions and unique and frequent networking exercises amongst the arms of the triad.

Click here to view a photo gallery from the event.

One of the certification requirements of the organization's unparalleled certification program is to complete continuing education annually. In Delray, members attended sessions on post-judgment collection and learned how to navigate through the bankruptcy preference process. Attendees were also addressed by representatives of NACARA, North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association. The regulators spoke on current issues, specific regulations and state laws. These dynamic sessions were examples of the organization's desire to offer its members high-level, useful and relevant training.

Just announced: the group is heading to San Antonio, Texas for its spring meeting March 10-12, 2016. The upcoming conference will be another opportunity for the members of this triadic organization to meet face-to-face and obtain continuing education and, at the same time, network and create new business relationships.


10. 22. 15

At the recent Credit Research Foundation Credit and Accounts Receivable Open Forum, Commercial Collection Agencies of America's was named a Platinum Partner of the Credit Research Foundation.

Credit Research Foundation has identified Commercial Collection Agencies of America as a partner which is an addition to the Foundation because of their dynamic participation and engagement to the membership and their embodiment of the essence of CRF. Commercial Collection Agencies of America looks forward to providing valuable resources to address challenges companies' credit operations face in the accounts receivable arena, specifically related to their collection processes.

The partnership between Credit Research Foundation and Commercial Collection Agencies of America is a coalescence of two synergetic organizations, each considered premier in their respective industry, collaborating to elevate, educate and benefit the professionals who interface with both the credit and collection industries.

The rigorous certification requirements met by commercial collection agency members and the resulting Certificate of Accreditation and Certification each earns currently serve as the prototype and standard for third party commercial agency membership within Credit Research Foundation.

More information about the Credit Research Foundation can be found at www.crfonline.org.

Are you using a commercial collection agency certified by Commercial Collection Agencies of America? Click here for our directory of certified agencies.


07. 21. 15

Commercial Collection Agencies of America’s Executive Director, Annette M. Waggoner authored an article in the Credit Research Foundation’s Second Quarter electronic newsletter, CRF News, regarding certification of commercial collection agencies.

CRFlogoThe article explains the process of how a commercial collection agency gains certification and differentiates between certification programs offered in the marketplace. Waggoner outlines important requirements agencies meet annually to maintain their valuable certification, such as proper bonding and licensing, fiduciary responsibilities as well as adhering to operational requirements. Quoting from the organization’s own certification requirements, in addition to its code of ethics, Waggoner makes reference to the importance of continuing education and the need to consistently uphold professionalism of the collection industry. To obtain a copy of the article, visit www.crfonline.org. The Credit Research Foundation is the foremost non-profit, member-supported, education, and research organization dedicated to the credit and financial management community. Membership consists of like-minded business professionals, representing a large portion of Fortune 1000 corporations, with a vested interest in improving and fostering the field of business-2-business credit while focusing on the practices and technologies of the discipline. CRF is the premiere industry advocate for the B2B credit community; the bridge in the customer financial relationship.

Commercial Collection Agencies of America is the ONLY certifying body in which ALL agency members are certified. The organization offers an unparalleled certification program which was promulgated by an independent Standard Board, consisting of members from a myriad of industries. Agency members have been in the debt collection industry for decades, many of whom have been certified for over forty-four (44) years. Membership continues to grow at a rapid pace, as collection agencies, creditors’ rights attorneys and law list representatives seek an organization whose membership embody four pillars: experience, expertise, ethics and education.