09. 22. 16

Commercial Collection Agencies of America has been invited to participate in the North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association’s (NACARA) annual conference on October 11, 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin.

The association’s President, Meg Scotty will take part in a session entitled The Art of the Exam.  During the session, participants will learn how regulators and industry representatives communicate through the intricacies of an exam or investigation.  Commercial Collection Agencies of America is proud to participate and hopes to bring additional information back to each one of its members at their annual meeting which starts the same week.

nacaralogoNACARA regulators will also attend the annual meeting of Commercial Collection Agencies of America later that same week, as they participate in roundtable discussions with members.  Topics covered in this effective session are examinations, current issues, specific regulations and state laws which affect collection professionals involved in the collection of commercial debt.  In addition, development of examination management applications, the multi-state examination process and the NMLS will be addressed.
NACARA-The North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association is comprised of governmental agencies that regulate the debt collection industry and administer and enforce laws and regulations.

As you can see, the strategic alliance between Commercial Collection Agencies of America and NACARA continues to be mutually beneficial in terms of education of both groups’ members and continues to uphold the professionalism in the collection industry. 

09. 22. 16

Commercial Collection Agencies of America announced Tuesday that it has been invited to address the membership of  Credit Research Foundation on October 25, 2016 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida during the CRF”s Credit and A/R Open Forum.

The session, presented by Executive Director, Annette M. Waggoner, will explain the relevance of the certification process, operational standards and requirements of a certified agency.  Waggoner will illustrate what a company should look for when it enlists the services of a commercial collection agency, as well as why it is critical to a credit risk professional, the C levels and audit teams at their firms to choose a collection firm that has qualified for certification.

The October presentation is another example of the synergy of these two well-respected organizations and how it benefits both the credit and collection industries.

CRFlogoThe Credit Research Foundation is an independent, non-profit, member-run organization, consisting of a dynamic community of like-minded business professionals with a vested interest in improving and fostering the field of business-2-business credit while focusing on the practices and technologies of the discipline.

Commercial Collection Agencies of America is an organization of commercial collection agencies, creditors’ rights attorneys and law list publishers who work to elevate the standards of the commercial collection industry in an effort to better serve and protect credit grantors.  The organization offers an unparalleled certification program to its agency members, as well as stellar continuing education for all members.

The certification program and the resulting Certificate of Accreditation and Compliance serve as the prototype and standard for third party commercial agency membership within Credit Research Foundation.