07. 30. 14

July 29, 2014

Commercial Collection Agencies of America, Inc today announced that it has built its membership to include over 50 members.

Commercial Collection Agencies of Americais an association of commercial collection agencies, creditors' rights attorneys and law list publishers whose experience, expertise, ethics and education work to elevate the standards of the commercial debt collection industry.   "The pillars-experience, expertise, ethics and education-are the foundation of each agency and building an association whose framework consists of like-minded agencies creates an unparalleled strength to protect the nation’s economy," commented Meg Scotty, one of the founding directors of Commercial Collection Agencies of America. 

Each Commercial Collection Agencies of America agency member has been assisting companies collect delinquent receivables for decades. All agency members are previously certified agencies of CCAA; some agencies are entering their 43rd year of certification.

"One of the paramount distinctions of the Commercial Collection Agencies of America is it is the only association of commercial collection agencies in which ALL of its agency members are certified," commented Fred Wasserspring, another founding director of the new organization.

The infrastructure of a solid business relationship includes confidence that a business partner has the tools in which to achieve a goal. Commercial Collection Agencies of America agencies possess such tools, putting them to work daily to collect receivables on behalf of nationwide companies, while maintaining the highest of standards and professionalism in the collection industry.

06. 11. 14

logo transparent 400June 11, 2014

The Commercial Collection Agencies of America, Inc. recently announced the formation of a new non-profit association to provide experience, expertise, ethics, and education to agencies, attorneys, credit grantors, and collections professionals working in the collections and credit industry.

"We believe that experience, expertise, ethics, and education are the four pillars of  the foundation of what a sound, forward-thinking collection agency and credit professional expects," said Meg Scotty, Director. "Our organization adopts these principles to ensure our mission remains focused on delivering collection services to those who expect their collection agencies to also believe in these principles."

Ms. Scotty said the association will provide membership, educational training, meeting and networking opportunities and support benefits to their members that help each collection professional work to provide the credit granting community with the highest level of professional service.

"Our membership will consist of the most trusted names and brands in the collections industry.  They have set the standards of the debt collection industry for decades. These members, all certified by the Commercial Collection Agency Association, some for the 42 years of its existence, will continue their tradition to set a high standard of ethics and professionalism in the industry. That high standard will be enhanced by the certification program that will include credit grantors in oversight roles," Scotty said.