11. 07. 16

Commercial Collection Agencies of America recently participated at the October meeting of the Credit Research Foundation held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The association addressed the membership of Credit Research Foundation, a nonprofit, research and educational organization, which advances the understanding, practice and development of technique and trends in business credit for the benefit of businesses worldwide by communicating the value of credit and receivables management. The membership consists of senior leaders/department heads from Fortune 1500 organizations.

The session, presented by Commercial Collection Agencies of America Executive Director, Annette M. Waggoner, stressed the relevance of the certification process of commercial collection agencies, as well as detailed operational standards and requirements which are paramount to protect the credit industry.

Waggoner illustrated what credit grantors should look for when enlisting the services of a commercial collection agency, outlining effective attributes of an agency. In addition, attendees learned about the history of certification and why now, more than ever before, codification of requirements is necessary.

She continued with an explanation of the five main sectors of the certification program of Commercial Collection Agencies of America which create the unparalleled program that the organization offers to elevate the standards in the collection industry.

“The certification requirements process and resulting Certificate of Accreditation and Compliance serve as the prototype and standard for third party commercial agency membership within the Credit Research Foundation,” added Bill Balduino, President of CRF.

“As a Platinum Partner of CRF, we were proud to present a relevant session which spotlighted the criticality of the implementation of effective requirements and stress why it is crucial to credit risk professionals, as well as the C levels and audit teams at their firms, to choose a collection agency that has qualified for certification,” stated Waggoner.

The session also addressed collection statistics and the impact that bad debt write-offs have on sales and provided attendees with useful industry reports.

When queried about the difference between certification programs, Waggoner offered that there are fundamental differences in the programs. She stressed that the promulgation of certification requirements must be done by a knowledgeable governing body and the implementation of those requirements must be dedicated, consistent and properly monitored-attributes which make the accredited program of Commercial Collection Agencies of America superior to others.

Commercial Collection Agencies of America is an organization of commercial collection agencies, creditors’ rights attorneys and law list publishers many of whom have been certified for over four decades. It is the only certifying body in which all agency members are certified.

For a copy of the program presented at Credit Research Foundation or to learn more, please contact Commercial Collection Agencies of America by emailing Executive Director, Annette M. Waggoner at awaggoner@commercialcollectionagenciesofamerica.com.

11. 01. 16

Commercial Collection Agencies of America recently held its third annual meeting in Delray Beach, Florida. The meeting was a smashing success, broke attendance records and effectively combined education and networking for all members. Agency members earned credits to comply with the educational component of the unparalleled certification program while attorneys earned continuing legal education to satisfy state requirements.

The meeting opened with a packed room for the Welcome Reception and Dinner. At the dinner, colleagues were reacquainted and new business relationships were formed. The association announced that through its recurring initiative, Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back, a portion of the proceeds from the meeting will be given to Blessings in a Backpack, a program that provides weekend food for elementary school children run by Affiliate member and Standards Board member, Christine Hayes Hickey.

On Friday, the association hosted thirteen (13) speakers who spoke on a spectrum of vetted topics-its largest slate to date, exhibiting the association’s commitment to stellar education.

Sessions included:

Regulator Roundtables which facilitated small group discussions between agencies, attorneys and state regulators. The group welcomed past presidents and member regulators of NACARA-North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association to address all types of licensing and compliance issues. Regulators: Anthony Polidori, Sheryl Sailer and Steven McElwain

The association welcomed an esteemed panel of credit professionals during “Best Practices of a Collection Agency as Viewed by a Credit Practitioner”. Members learned what credit managers are looking for when employing an agency....excellent takeaways! Panelists: William Balduino, Virginia Soderman and Martin Scaminaci

“So You Think You Know Everything about Negotiating” featuring America’s Business Coach, Barry Elms when there was not an empty seat in the house. Barry later signed a complimentary copy of his book for all attendees.

“Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and the Implementation of the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Act” when attorneys Barbara Muller-Wilson, Peter Ramsey Helt and Bryan Kaplan showcased their extensive research on the subject and welcomed their colleagues’ input in this interactive session.

Mike Ginsberg of Kaulkin Ginsberg educated the group on “Selling and Purchasing an Agency-Looking at It from Both Sides of the Table.” Ginsberg taught members how to navigate through a change of ownership scenario.

The group learned about the “Ramifications of Filing a Bad Proof of Claim in Bankruptcy” from attorneys Barbara Barron and Steve Sather from Barron and Newburger P.C. An insightful study for all of our members!

One of the associations’ missions is to offer advanced, pertinent education to benefit each member. The meeting in Delray Beach exceeded the goal to offer advanced, pertinent education to benefit each member. The association is grateful to all speakers and panelists in assisting in fulfilling that mission!. 

Coupled with the top-notch education were frequent opportunities for the members to network. The Forwarders and Receivers session offered a unique session where all attendees met one another while addressing case scenarios and topics which face practitioners in their everyday work life.

The ever-popular Open Forum session focused on the rising costs of running a firm. The interactive dialogue highlighted the collegiality amongst the members while offering real world answers to questions posed by members.

The meeting’s social activities added a fun and festive vibe to the event! After the sessions on Friday, members teamed up in this year’s Triadic Tournament, “Martini Mixer”.

Triadic teams worked together to concoct unique, delicious martinis while getting to know new colleagues and renewing friendships with others….all while enjoying the Florida sunshine. Congratulations to the Green Team whose martini knocked the judges’ flip flops off! Literally!

On Friday evening, the association welcomed Miami Dolphin alumni players at the annual cocktail reception on the beautiful Pool Terrace. Hall of Famer, Dwight Stephenson joined by Roy Porter, Jeff Cross, Mark Higgs and others signed autographs and socialized with our members!

The Beach Bash at The Sand Bar, hosted by the Delray Beach Marriott, was the place to be for late night cocktails, conversation and fun and an exciting drawing! Dolphins’ players and members danced to awesome tunes (who knew we had so much rhythm in this group!) and enjoyed the lively tropical setting which has become a member favorite! Who has ticket number #3000039, anyway!?!

After the meeting concluded on Saturday, members played golf, tennis and headed to the pool and beach with their colleagues and friends for an afternoon of rest and relaxation. An impressive contingent of members braved the Atlantic Ocean to participate in the First Annual Fishing Charter. One of the members even caught a dolphinfish! And who could forget those fearless members who traveled to the Everglades for the Alligator Tour. We are glad to report…all members returned….limbs intact!

Thank you to our valued vendors: Datamatx, Buchbinder and First American-Data Tree. Please visit our website, under the Special Partners tab, to visit the vendors’ websites and learn more about their useful services.

Thank you to our generous sponsors with whose support, our meeting was spectacular! They are:

The Association of Law List Publishers      Miller, Cohen Peterson & Young
Barnett & Garcia PLLC   ABC-Amega
Gaba Law Corporation   Kitchens Kelley Gaynes PC
Lyon Collection Services   Brennan & Clark Ltd.
Mendelson, Goldman & Schwarz   Todd Associates Inc.
Sweet & Walker PC   Law Offices of Timothy M. Sullivan
Rinehart, Scaffidi & Rinehart LLC   The Guerrini Law Firm

Click here to visit our gallery of great pictures of the meeting and social activities!

Commercial Collection Agencies of America is grateful to all attendees for making this year’s annual meeting another wonderful experience. Association members look forward to meeting again March 9-12, 2017. Details regarding the location will be announced soon.

09. 22. 16

Commercial Collection Agencies of America announced Tuesday that it has been invited to address the membership of  Credit Research Foundation on October 25, 2016 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida during the CRF”s Credit and A/R Open Forum.

The session, presented by Executive Director, Annette M. Waggoner, will explain the relevance of the certification process, operational standards and requirements of a certified agency.  Waggoner will illustrate what a company should look for when it enlists the services of a commercial collection agency, as well as why it is critical to a credit risk professional, the C levels and audit teams at their firms to choose a collection firm that has qualified for certification.

The October presentation is another example of the synergy of these two well-respected organizations and how it benefits both the credit and collection industries.

CRFlogoThe Credit Research Foundation is an independent, non-profit, member-run organization, consisting of a dynamic community of like-minded business professionals with a vested interest in improving and fostering the field of business-2-business credit while focusing on the practices and technologies of the discipline.

Commercial Collection Agencies of America is an organization of commercial collection agencies, creditors’ rights attorneys and law list publishers who work to elevate the standards of the commercial collection industry in an effort to better serve and protect credit grantors.  The organization offers an unparalleled certification program to its agency members, as well as stellar continuing education for all members.

The certification program and the resulting Certificate of Accreditation and Compliance serve as the prototype and standard for third party commercial agency membership within Credit Research Foundation.

09. 22. 16

Commercial Collection Agencies of America has been invited to participate in the North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association’s (NACARA) annual conference on October 11, 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin.

The association’s President, Meg Scotty will take part in a session entitled The Art of the Exam.  During the session, participants will learn how regulators and industry representatives communicate through the intricacies of an exam or investigation.  Commercial Collection Agencies of America is proud to participate and hopes to bring additional information back to each one of its members at their annual meeting which starts the same week.

nacaralogoNACARA regulators will also attend the annual meeting of Commercial Collection Agencies of America later that same week, as they participate in roundtable discussions with members.  Topics covered in this effective session are examinations, current issues, specific regulations and state laws which affect collection professionals involved in the collection of commercial debt.  In addition, development of examination management applications, the multi-state examination process and the NMLS will be addressed.
NACARA-The North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association is comprised of governmental agencies that regulate the debt collection industry and administer and enforce laws and regulations.

As you can see, the strategic alliance between Commercial Collection Agencies of America and NACARA continues to be mutually beneficial in terms of education of both groups’ members and continues to uphold the professionalism in the collection industry. 

06. 13. 16

Through its Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back program, a portion of the proceeds of Commercial Collection Agencies of America's recently held semi-annual meeting in San Antonio will be given to The ALS Association, Greater Chicago Chapter.

Members of Commercial Collection Agencies of America have offered overwhelming support to this worthy initiative, enthusiastically suggesting charitable foundations for the association to benefit, in addition to donating personally and from their individual firms.

alslogoAmyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  The disease affects thousands of people each year.

The mission of The ALS Association, Greater Chicago Chapter is to lead the fight to treat and cure ALS through global research and nationwide advocacy while also empowering people with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and their families to live fuller lives by providing them with compassionate care and support.  All of the Chapter’s services are provided at no cost to the patient.  For more information about the Chapter, visit webchicago.alsa.org.

"Commercial Collection Agencies Gives Back was uniquely created so we could reach out to organizations, such as ALS's Greater Chicago Chapter and we are thankful to our members who support the association and the initiative," commented Annette M. Waggoner, Executive Director. "Since its inception, Commercial Collection Agencies of America has been fortunate enough to also donate to other deserving charitable organizations such as The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project."