05. 09. 18

Commercial Collection Agencies of America recently announced that through its initiative, Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back, a portion of the proceeds of its recently held meeting in Marina del Rey, California has been given to the Emily Stillman Foundation.

Throughout the conference-from the opening Welcome Dinner, where Michael Stillman addressed the membership to the Saturday’s closing session-attendees enthusiastically supported this worthy organization. Even at the Association’s famous networking forum, the Triadic Tournament, members held an impromptu auction of movie memorabilia which raised thousands of dollars for the Foundation!

The Emily Stillman Foundation was named after the daughter of affiliate members, Michael and Alicia Stillman of Stillman Law Offices. Emily was a beautiful 19 year old college sophomore who passed away from Meningococcal Disease-Serogroup B. Emily donated six organs, saving five lives. The Foundation raises awareness for and encourages organ and tissue donation, while also educating about the disease, as well as all vaccine preventable diseases. The Foundation and the Stillmans advocate globally for all health and wellness issues and through their vaccination programs and partnerships with clinics, they ensure that vaccines are available to all people.

“Supporting The Emily Stillman Foundation brought our members together in a way that we’ve never seen before, stated Annette M. Waggoner, Executive Director. “While the level of collegiality in our Association is already unmatched, it reached new heights with the opportunity to come together as caring individuals and support the endeavors of the Stillman family. The beneficence of these colleagues is admired,” she continued.

Commercial Collection Agencies of America has also been fortunate enough to donate a portion of the profits from previous meetings to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, Blessings in a Backpack, The ALS Association-Greater Chicago Chapter and The Red Cross for the benefit of hurricane victims. “The donations from members and the Association hit a new record for Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back and we are so grateful to all for their generosity,” commented Meg Scotty, President of Commercial Collection Agencies of America.

For more information regarding the Emily Stillman Foundation, please visit www.foreveremily.org.

10. 09. 17

Commercial Collection Agencies of America participated in the annual conference of North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association (NACARA) last week in Seattle, Washington. The association was honored to present “Collections: Commercial versus Consumer” for state regulators from across the United States. Annette M. Waggoner, the Association’s Executive Director collaborated with Sheryl Sailer, Investigator and Examiner with the North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions and past president of NACARA, to deliver a successful session for regulators and accounts receivable management industry representatives in attendance.

In addition to Waggoner and Sailer’s presentation, other sessions were presented by the FTC, Inside Arm, the CFPB, the Washington FBI and Manuel F. Newburger of Barron & Newburger and the Chairman of the Independent Standards Board of Commercial Collection Agencies of America.

NACARA ensures the fair and equitable administration of collection agency regulation throughout North America. NACARA member agencies regulate debt collectors through such methods as licensing or registration, compliance and consumer protection examinations, responses to complaints and administrative or civil enforcement actions.

NACARA regulators from various states routinely participate in each Commercial Collection Agencies of America meeting. Their valued participation, often times in roundtable sessions, serves as excellent continuing education for the association’s agency members. Regulators address continued problems seen during examinations, recommendations for changes for seasoned collection agencies and unique actions by states.

Commercial Collection Agencies of America is an organization of commercial collection agencies, creditors’ rights attorneys and law list publishers with members nationwide. Agency members of the organization work to elevate the standards of the commercial collection industry in an effort to better serve and protect credit grantors. Many members have been certified for over four decades. Certified membership in Commercial Collection Agencies of America identifies the elite in the collections industry. Each agency member qualifies for membership and earns the acclaimed Certificate of Accreditation and Certification by fulfilling a rigorous set of requirements annually. In an effort to ensure that collection and customer service practices comply with the strict code of ethics of the organization, members are also subject to on-going evaluation.

More information on NACARA can be found at www.nacaraweb.org.